Digital Marketer and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. Over the past 7+ years I have been studying, and implementing digital marketing strategies. Mostly though, I have been failing. A lot.

What I've discovered through years of struggle is that my psychology was the biggest obstacle holding me back. I've also realized this is the biggest factor that negatively affects most people around the world.

I have been working hard for the last few years to master my psychology in order to get to the next level in life. I am still at the beginning of my journey. Still struggling, and still failing.

Make no mistake though, all of my setbacks and failures are making me stronger. I am learning, adjusting, and implementing. Every time I fall, I pick myself back up and go at it again.

Through this site, I will document my journey and mostly ramble about various topics that I find interesting. I hope that you will find some of it useful or at least mildly entertaining.

Stick around and follow along my journey through this beautiful yet complicated thing we call life.

Wishing you the best,

Phil Kim