My Experience With a Psychic: Spiritual Guidance With An Unexpected Twist

I picked up the phone and dialed the number that was listed. I had booked an appointment online, but it didn’t give me the full address of the location.

The phone rang and a woman answered… “Hello?”

She had some sort of accent that I couldn’t quite place.

Me: “Yes, I believe I had an appointment today at 11:30, and I wanted to get the address.”

Psychic: “Oh, really? (She sounded surprised.) Hold on let me check. What is your name?”

Me: “Phillip Kim”

Psychic: “Hmm… okay I may have had a glitch with the system because it didn’t show me anything here. What was your appointment for?”

Me: “It was for the 30 minute reading.”

Psychic: “Ah ok, how long will it take you to drive here?”

Me: “I think about 20 – 30 minutes.”

Psychic: “Ok great! Let me text you the address and I’ll see you here. You can take your time, don’t drive too fast now.”

Me: “Alright cool! I’ll head over there soon, bye.”

I hung up and thought to myself, “I wonder if she knows I have a tendency to drive too fast sometimes.”

My sister had told me she went to see this psychic and told me a little bit about her experience. It peaked my curiosity so a few weeks after she told me, I decided to book an appointment to see this psychic. The psychic’s name is Natalie and she had a warm inviting voice when I spoke with her on the phone. At this point I didn’t really have any expectations in mind, and just decided to go and see how it goes. I drove to the address I was given, and it lead me to a residential area. I realized that she did her readings from her home. Her home was located behind another home, and I walked the pathway to get to her front door.

In front of her door there was a small Buddha statue that was there to greet people. I went and rang the doorbell and waited for a minute. A woman answered the door, she was wearing glasses and had her hair tied in a bun. She was wearing a gray sweater and she had a little cast covering her hand and wrist.

Natalie: “Hello Phillip, welcome! Sorry I can’t shake your hand I have hurt my hand.”

Me: “Oh no worries, you must be Natalie.”

Natalie: “Yes, indeed I am. Why don’t you go ahead and step into that room over there. You can sit on the inside next to the window.”

She pointed to her right and there was a small room right next to the entrance.

Me: “Ok sure thing.”

I walked into the room and sat in the chair right under the window. There was a small table directly into front of it and another chair on the opposite side. Natalie sat down and we had a little small chat. She then went on to explain her process and what she does. Natalie went on to say, “I am not a fortune teller. I hate that word! What I do is I speak to people’s spiritual guides. Everyone has a spiritual guide you know.” She also said that our spiritual guides can only give us words of wisdom and tell us what we need to hear. Ultimately we have to be the ones who make the decisions and take the actions. Nothing is really set in stone. She told me if I didn’t have any questions for her we could go ahead and get started.

I said we could just dive right in and get started. Everything moved very quickly so I don’t remember every single thing she said. She did warn me that she would be speaking fast because of how quickly the information would come to her. She would look up at the empty space next to me as she said this is where the spiritual guide was and then she would look back and tell me what she was hearing. She said that I was a little lost as I was in a transitional phase. I mentioned that I was in the beginning stages of starting my new business. Natalie would speak rapidly and move her hands about in the air as she spoke. “I’m French, I speak with my hands it’s what we do.” She said as she noticed my eyes being drawn to the movement. “Ah.. so that’s where that accent is from”, I thought to myself. She also mentioned a lot of other little details about me that most people wouldn’t really know just from meeting me for the first time ever.

Unexpectedly, she went on to give me somewhat of a business coaching advice. It also caught me off guard when she mentioned she used to be in a corporate position in a managerial role. I had come here not knowing what to expect. I was thinking maybe I would get some type of spiritual advice of some sort. Instead I was getting sound business advice on things I needed to be doing. She said the guide had told her I needed a bit of a “kick in the ass”, to really get myself moving. I agreed that I wasn’t pushing as hard as I could and I laughed about that because it was true. I really did need a swift kick in the ass.

The session came quickly to an end. I was surprised by how fast it all went. She also went about 10 minutes over the scheduled time in order to finish what she had to say, which I really appreciated.

Over all, seeing a psychic isn’t really about them being able to see the future or things like that. In my case, it was more of her having a high level of intuition and being able to read my energy, and tap into the higher level of spiritual intelligence. Sorry to disappoint you, but Natalie was a seemingly normal looking woman and there was no “mystical” eerie presence around her.

It was a very interesting and pleasant experience. I felt like I heard a lot of what I needed to hear. I didn’t realize I would be getting so much business advice.

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