Wake The Fuck Up! You’re Asleep and You Don’t Even Realize It

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Did you know that there are different levels of consciousness?

Most people know that there is the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. Most people don’t realize that there are other levels of consciousness commonly referred to as higher consciousness. Higher consciousness isn’t just some abstract concept made up by spiritual gurus. It’s something that can be achieved by anyone with some patience, dedication, and practice. Achieving higher consciousness isn’t just about going up another level. There are multiple levels of higher consciousness that you can gradually increase throughout your life.

The Different Levels

First, let’s talk about the subconscious mind. At this level, your mind is very low in awareness. The subconscious mind acts like a memory bank where all your memories are stored. Your emotions are also dictated by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind then builds upon these memories and the emotions you felt at the time and creates a set of habits that you follow.

Your conscious mind is the level where you have a more rational thought process. You use the conscious mind to rationalize your decisions, opinions, and perspectives on life. You then create logical arguments for everything that you say and do. The thing is, our brains are really fucking good at deceiving us. You are actually making most of your decisions based on your emotions. Your brain tricks you into thinking that you have made a rational decision, but that is false.

As you progress through life, you might achieve higher levels of consciousness through your experiences and develop a better awareness of yourself, and life in general. Most people stop progressing at a certain point though, and that is when you might get stuck at that level for many years.

What is Higher Consciousness?

Think of higher consciousness as evolution of the mind. The world is constantly changing, and in order to survive you need to be able to adapt. With the current technological boom, the world is changing faster than ever. A lot of the jobs we currently have are being replaced by robots. If you want to ensure a better future for yourself and your family you need to adapt to the current world. It starts with making the changes within yourself.

Higher consciousness is when your mind becomes more aware of the present moment. Higher consciousness is recognizing the reality of things within yourself, society, and life in general.

You’re Not Really Awake

Most of the time, we go about our daily lives doing the same thing without thinking about why we do them. Maybe you sit on your couch after work every day and just watch TV. Maybe you go out with your friends every weekend drinking, and partying. This goes on for months, even years and you aren’t even aware of why you’re doing this. Life is full of noise and distraction. You’re constantly caught up with the latest celebrity gossip, or big media event. You’re always checking your social media accounts every day, constantly trying to find ways to distract your mind from silence.

What you don’t realize is that when you perform these habits, your conscious mind is operating at the lowest level of consciousness. You think that you are making the rational choice. If you knew the consequences of your actions, then you would know how harmful these actions were to you. Think about the daily things you do in your life. How much of it adds real value to your life? Most people spend about 80% of their time with bullshit. Only 20% of that time is being spent on things that add value. 1

With that being said, you can change how you spend your time, which will then change your life. You can do this by achieving higher levels of consciousness.

How to Wake The Fuck Up

In order to achieve higher levels of consciousness, you must first accept the fact that you have not been fully awake. You must be able to accept the truth that you have lived your life in a way that was not really in your control. You have lived your life in the way that society expects of you. You have blindly followed the media, and social norms in order to fit in. Once you accept this truth, you will be ready to step into a higher level of consciousness.

It starts with cutting out the distractions in your life. How much time do you spend watching TV everyday? Think about how much time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and the list goes on. All of these activities you do on a daily basis are nothing but mere distractions that prevent you from developing as a person.

Essentially, in order to wake up, you must unplug yourself from the matrix.

Unplugging yourself will probably be one of the most difficult things you do in life. Yet, if you want to live a more fulfilling and happy life it is very important that you do this. If you want to create success in all things that you do, then you absolutely have to cut all the bullshit from your life.

Stop spending so much time with the latest celebrity gossip, trends, keeping up with the Jones, drinking and partying excessively, and mindlessly feeding yourself with garbage entertainment.

Doing some of these activities isn’t bad if you can do it in moderation. The fact is that most people don’t do it in moderation. Most of our lives is centered around all of these distractions. Stop making it the focus of your life!

How To Meditate By Doing Nothing


Forget everything that you think you know about meditation. I recently discovered that there is a concept of meditation that is not widely discussed. Most people would probably dismiss this concept because they think it’s a waste of time. If you retain an open mind and actually try this out for yourself, you may be surprised at the results.

This concept is the act of doing nothing. Put yourself into a quiet space with zero distractions. You can lay down, or sit down just make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. I prefer to minimize my distractions as much as possible by laying down in my bed, making the room as dark as possible, and eliminating noise.

You just sit or lie there doing nothing. Let your thoughts flow freely and wander around. Just be aware of the thoughts you are having, but don’t try to control them. Start off with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase it to an hour a day. You should be doing this every single day. During this time, do NOT check your phone, read, listen to music, or do anything for that matter. DO NOTHING. 2

Once you start doing this you will begin to notice how noisy it is in your head. Your mind will have a lot of monkey chatter at first. Just stick with this act of doing nothing long enough, and soon your thoughts will begin to change. You will start reflecting deeply on your past and present moments. You will start to realize your behaviors and start to notice things you hadn’t noticed before. At some point you will start thinking deeper thoughts about life and the world. Keep doing this, and your mind will start to evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

Achieving higher levels of consciousness is about awareness. You will be more aware of your behaviors, and the present moment. When you start becoming more aware, you will be able to make the changes you need to live your life in a positive and meaningful way.

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